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McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Social Security Lawyer On Your Side

From his office in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Attorney Steven F. Kessler has spent 30 years changing lives in his community for the better.

Most of his clients are the proud working people of the Monongahela Valley, Pennsylvania’s industrial heartland. He has provided high-quality legal representation to individuals who have applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but whose claims are often slow to come, have been denied outright, or have stalled on appeal for a year or more.

If you are disabled, cannot work, have no income and your benefits are stuck in the system, your financial situation can quickly become desperate: an empty savings account, bill collectors calling at all hours, and no relief in sight.

You need a legal advocate now

If your claim has been denied and has to be appealed, or if you want your new claim to have the best chance of being accepted, you need guidance from an attorney who knows Social Security law cold … a lawyer who will pay close attention to your case and make it a priority to look out for your best interests.

For hundreds of people in the Mon Valley, Steven F. Kessler has been that attorney. His focus is Social Security law, and he knows how to move cases forward as quickly as possible. When you have established your attorney-client relationship, he will immediately begin working hard for you:

  • Advocating tirelessly on your behalf
  • Protecting your rights
  • Moving your case through the system
  • Preparing you thoroughly for your appeal hearing
  • Negotiating the best possible result

When bills keep coming, but paychecks don’t

People who file SSD or SSI claims simply need enough money to make ends meet – to pay the heating bills, cover the mortgage, feed their families – while they are unable to work and earn a living. Without any income, SSD or SSI benefits are their only option. When those benefits don’t come, many families quickly find themselves in desperate financial trouble.

If you are in this situation, you are up against a large, complex system that moves at a crawl and frequently denies initial claims, forcing you into a long, slow appeals process. Fighting this battle alone can be overwhelming, and your financial situation can become dire.

Free consultations

Mr. Kessler will take your Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case as seriously as you do, and he will take it on a contingency basis. There is no fee unless you win.

To Attorney Kessler,
“Thank you for helping me get my social security. Without you, it would not have happened. Bless you for the good you do.”

Contact Steven F. Kessler Now

The sooner Steven F. Kessler begins working on your SSD or SSI case, the sooner it can be resolved. For a no-cost consultation on your case, contact Steven F. Kessler today.

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